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How can develop and test Php applications?

How can I Develop and test PHP applications?

PHP is simple programs are simple text file that are saved into .php extension. It is very easily write and test PHP code. Any editor like notepad can be used to write and save the code. To run the PHP program we need the PHP interpreter that can be downloaded from the PHP website. You can use the WAMP server on windows to test the application on your development environment. Read more about downloading and installing the WAMP server at:
Downloading & Installing WAMP server
In this section we will quickly show you the process of downloading and installing WAMP server. The use of WAMP server is easiest way to get startedwith the PHP. The WAMP server provides all the software you need to start thedevelopment of web applications using the PHP technologies.
WAMP is the acronym for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.WAMP server is one of the popular server use for PHP. It is free and you candownload it from can copy andpaste this link to the browser's address bar). After downloading the .exe file,install the file ,following steps and figures depict you how to install wamp server:
i)    After double clicking the setup file of wamp serveryou'll get a security warning,  asking for run the program or cancel it:
ii)    Click run button and you will get the following windowon your screen.
iii)    Click next button, and the next window will ask toaccept the EULA (End User License Agreement), select  I accept theagreement option, then click next:
iv)    The next window will ask for destination location,default location is c:\wamp, if you want to changethis location type your desired location or use the Browse button to select thesuitable path.
v)    Next window will ask for additional task, e.g. create aquick launch icon and create a desktop icon. Check these options if you feelneeded
vi)    Next window will display the settings you choose andask your confirmation, if you need any kind of changes you can go back and makenecessary changes, click next button otherwise:
vii)    On clicking the install button, the progress bar will show that wamp server is installing.
viii)    Meanwhile a window will show your default browser inwhich the wamp server will run, if you want to change it click no button andselect any other previously installed browser otherwise click yes.
ix)    Next window will ask for PHP mail parameters, click next button.
x)    After clicking the next button wamp server will beinstalled and configured successfully in your computer, select the run wampserver option if you want to run it, click finish.
After successfully installation, please visit our next post to learn how to run and test the wamp server.

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