Saturday, January 4, 2014

Php Libraries

There are many libraries available for PHP, which can be used to add complex processing logic into an application. Here is the list of the few libraries:
  • pChart
    The pChart library can be used to add the charting functionalities into an application
  • Libchart
    Another simple charting library in PHP.
  • JpGraph
    Use this library to develop Object-oriented graphs.
  • Open Flash Chart
    Use this to develop flash based charts.
  • MagpieRSS
    Read and manipulate the RSS feeds in your PHP program.
  • SimplePie
    Use this to process RSS feeds and Atom feeds.
  • phpThumb
    Use this library to generate thumbnails in your PHP program.
  • PHP Payment Library
    The library can be used to integrate the applications with Paypal, and 2Checkout payment processing gateways.
  • Propel
    This is ORM tools for PHP5. Use this framework to develop persistence layer in PHP using Object-Relational Mapping techology.
  • Outlet
    It is another ORM mapping tool for PHP.
  • FPDF
    Use this library to generate PDF files from your PHP program.
  • php-excel
    Generate xls files from your PHP program.
  • PHP Excel Reader
    Read the xls file and retrieves the data in your php program.
  • Swift Mailer
    A mailing library in PHP
  • PHPMailer
    Very powerful emailing library in PHP.
  • SimpleTest
    Unit testing library in PHP.
  • PHPUnit
    Another UNIT testing library.

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